Does Property Management Feel Like a Second Job?

We make your renting experience seamless, from start to finish, with professional management.

Secure Reliable Income With Professional Property Management In Texas

Did you know the majority of rental property owners in Texas lose money for the first few years? It’s true, and the reason ‘why’ will shock you. Most rental property owners lose money in their first years because they fail to get the simple things right. They don’t know how:


To properly and legally screen applicants


To create fair lease agreements

To implement monthly rental collection systems that make getting paid easy
To decide how and when to service properties so they retain or increase their value

That is why we are here. We have experience doing the small things right the first time to ensure your property is profitable.

We Provide a set of services

Provide Personal Service

Our services is designed to help you on a personal level. Whether you are a first time rental property owner or you are on your third multi-unit, we can help.

Help you grow your business

If you want to grow your business, we can help. We do this by freeing up time you’d waste doing menial tasks. We do the boring stuff so you can focus on growth.

Streamline your processes

We make your renting experience seamless, from start to finish with professional management.

At Keyrenter Frisco we oversee everything from start to finish. We do this so you can rest easy knowing your property and tenants are happy and in the right hands.

Do You Wonder Why There Has Been A Sudden Burst Of Popularity Investing In The Frisco Texas Area

In the last ten years, the interest in investing in areas of Frisco, Allen, and other surrounding cities has grown. The reason is simple. These regions are bringing consistent, high returns for investors-despite economic shifts. The reason for this is Texas’s diverse industrial growth in technology, investing, development, and more.

That’s what caught your attention.

You want to invest in these areas but worry about making the wrong choice. You don’t want to lose money, time, and energy only to end up with a property that isn’t valuable.

You understand the value of investing in quality property the right way the first time. You want to invest in regions that will continue to grow, bring in returns that keep you profitable, and avoid the hassle of bringing a poorly maintained building up to code.

We can help.

Keyrenter Frisco has deep experience with the market. We can help you get everything right the first time from picking the right investment property to finding and retaining the right tenants.

Why Keyrenter Frisco For Property Management And Leasing Services?

There a lot of options available to you for property management and leasing services.
So why pick us over the competition? Simple.

Here at Keyrenter Frisco we provide full-service property management options tailored to your situation. Unlike the competition who give the same package to everyone no matter the size of their needs we offer options that are industry specific.

Our Team Can Help You Grow Your Business:See How

We provide a high level of help and want to make sure it aligns with your goals..

We Manage all Types of Residential Property


Managing rental homes require different skills—skills that we have honed over decades of managing hundreds of rental properties.

A rental home can have higher maintenance costs compared to a condo, because of features such as a lawn or a parking space. We know all these specificities and can rent your property to suitable tenants.


Managing a condo unit can be exhausting. Every tenant has a different need and you need to balance all of them.

We can help. Keyrenter Frisco can run your small multi-family units or condos from start to finish.We find and place qualified tenants, handle leasing, maintenance, and—if necessary—evictions.

Duplexes, Triplexes, and Fourplexes

We have experience in tenant placement for duplexes, triplexes, and quadruplexes. We are aware of the complexities of such properties and will always find the best and most dependable tenants for your investment property.

Our main hub is the Frisco region. From there we also serve several surrounding areas including Frisco, Little Elm, McKinney, Prosper and The Colony.

Interested in seeing how our services can help make your property profitable, getting pricing for your personalized service plan, and seeing if our company fits your needs? Let’s talk.

Contact Keyrenter Frisco today for more information; (972) 426-8000.

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