Have Problem Tenants That Need Evicting? We Can Help

You don’t want to deal with bad tenants.

We get it. Evictions, late payers, and difficult situations are draining. We can help.

Here at Keyrenter Frisco we halt headaches caused by late rent checks, property damage, and abate bad renter worries before they escalate.

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Our first round of protection lies in preventing bad tenants from renting your properties. We accomplish this with a highly vetted 14-step screening process designed to weed out problem renters before they ever get to you.


If you are currently stuck with a bad tenant and don’t know what to do-we can help. Keyrenter Frisco can, upon request, step in and resolve the situation by handling the eviction for you.

We do the hard work of property management so you don’t have to.

If you are interested, our team can help you with current eviction needs or put processes and leases into place to prevent future ones. Here’s how.

Property Protection And Eviction Service Available

Resolving Tenant Disagreements

Bad tenants eat up time, energy, and resources. This is why property owners turn to eviction-it saves time they don’t have. Here at Keyrenter Frisco we have the time and resources to try and work with renters before escalating. Sometimes eviction isn’t the answer. In those cases we work to resolve disagreements. This ensures you not only keep your existing renters but also keep the property profitable.

If we reach a situation where an agreeable solution is reached, we then escalate and handle the legal process of evicting the tenant swiftly.

How We Handle Legal Evictions

Do you understand the legal process to properly evict a tenant? Probably not. What you do know is doing it wrong can lead to a host of problems. Keyrenter Frisco understands the legal process and nuance to evicting properly, quickly, and easily. We can help you remove bad tenants by filing the appropriate paperwork, representing your interests in court, and ensuring both you and your property are protected.

Find Tenants You Want

Once the eviction is over, we help you find, vet, and place new tenants in your property with a solid lease agreement.

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Before we place a new tenant, we will take the care needed to restore your property to showable condition, prepare it for the next round of tenants, and then place carefully screened tenants in it. Keyrenter Frisco is devoted to providing the best possible experience no matter the need. Check out the testimonials below from satisfied clients!

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