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Cities We Serve

Frisco is part of the Dallas – Fort Worth Metropolitan area and is home to about 145,646 people and occupies 69.9 square miles. This number has grown 5.5% since 2010. The cities elevation is 800 feet above sea level.

Housing and Income

This booming city has 2.64 people per household, with a median income of $55,322, which is above the state average. 67.7% of these people are married. The median vale of a home is $184,700 and the median gross rent is $949. 74.8% of residents own their homes. This is higher than the national average of 63.6%.


Residents have an average commute of 26.5 minutes. 81% of these commutes drive their own cars and 7% of them carpool with other people. 10% of the work force works from home and has no commute. To a lesser degree, 0.34% take mass transit, 0.12% ride their bike, and 0.63% walk to work.


There is a sales tax of 8.25% and enjoys an income tax of 0.0%. The highest percentage of workers are employed in professional, scientific or technical services (13.33%), followed by the retail trade (12.9%), Finance and industry (10.53%), and health care and social assistance (10.13%).


In residents 25 years old and older, 97% are high school graduates, 65.9% hold at least a bachelor’s degree, and 24.8% have a graduate or professional degree. 2.6% of the population are unemployed.

Health and Safety
Even though the city is still growing, the crime rate index is less than half what it was in 2002 and is well below the U.S. city average!

Sports Teams

It was named the “Best Place to Raise an Athlete” in 2011 by Men’s Journal. This is because of the strong presence of sports of all kinds in the city. If there’s a sport you want, they probably have it! Four different major league sports teams reside here, as well as several affiliate teams.

Major League Teams in the city:

• Dallas Cowboys – The Dallas Cowboys connect with their fans at their World Corporate Headquarters at The Star. This is the cowboys indoor practice field and where their corporate offices are.
• Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders – The amazing Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders also practice at The Star and can often be found around town raising money for different charities.
• Dallas Rattlers – The Dallas Rattlers are a major league lacrosse team that plays all their home games at The Star.
• Dallas Stars – I was surprised to learn that even in the Texas heat, Frisco has a NHL hockey team! The Dallas stars practice at Dr. Pepper arena.
• FC Dallas – This major league soccer team calls the Toyota Stadium their home.
• Texas Revolution – The Revolution are a professional indoor foot team that makes its home at the Dr. Pepper arena.

In addition to these legendary major league sports teams, there are a couple of affiliate teams in the city as well:

• Frisco Roughriders – The Roughriders is a Class AA affiliate of the Texas Rangers. Their home field is the Dr. Pepper ballpark. Ballpark Digest named this ballpark “Best Ballpark Improvements” in 2008 and “Best Ballpark Renovations” in 2015.
• Texas Legends – Dr. Pepper arena is home to this Gatorade League affiliate of the NBA Dallas Mavericks.

Things to do

If sports aren’t your thing, that okay, because there are plenty of other things to do as well. There are several beautiful parks in the city which feature a playground for the kids and a picnic area for lunch. Gamers of all ages will enjoy the National Video Game Museum. The Museum of the American Railroad preserves the history and heritage of the railroad. The Heritage Museum features a replica town on 4 acres. For those who like history, be sure to stop at Dr. I.S. Rogers home, who was one of the original town’s most important residents.

Average Climate

On average, the city gets about 40 inches of rain per year and 2 inches of snow. The national average is 39.2 inches of rain and 25.8 inches of snow. The city also enjoys an average of 230 sunny days every year. In July, the United States average high temperature is 86 degrees, compared to Frisco’s average high of 94 degrees. The national average low in January is 22 degrees and the city’s average January low is 33 degrees.

Fun Facts

• More than 4.33 million tourists visit the city every year
• There are over 100 traffic lights in the city
• The city lies in two different counties, Collin County and Denton County

Little Elm
Located in Denton County, Texas, the charming lakeside town of Little Elm provides a welcome respite from the hustle and bustle of nearby Dallas. The town was established in 1841 and has grown by leaps and bounds in the past century and a half to become one of the most popular areas in the great Lone Star State. Read on for more information about this town and what it has to offer its residents.


This picturesque gem is located on the banks of scenic Louisville Lake, with a whopping 66 miles of frontage. While the town’s population has undoubtedly ballooned throughout the years, the lakefront setting helps the area retain its small-town vibe and good old-fashioned Texas charm.


Established in 1841 by a man named Kit King, Little Elm became home to Denton County’s very first post office thirteen years later. In 1900, the town’s population sat at a modest 194 residents; by the year 2000, that number would balloon to 3,646. This boom was due largely to the expansion of road development in the area during the 1950s, which made the town much more accessible to residents of both Denton and Dallas.

Real Estate

In 2016, the median value of a home in Little Elm was quoted at $290,558. Bear in mind that this number could be disproportionately high for single-family homes, as the survey included all residences, including multi-unit complexes. For those looking to invest in real estate, this is good news, as the median rent for the area was valued at $1,582 per month in the same study.


The average household income for residents hovers at around $92,000—well above the state average, which was estimated to be just over $56,000 in 2016.

Area Demographics

The town’s population is just over 42,000, and as a whole, residents are about the same age as the average Texan, at just over 33 years of age (the state average being 34.5). Roughly a third of residents are college-educated, and over 90 percent have a high school diploma. Retail, finance, and healthcare are all popular occupations in this region, and workers in the professional and scientific sectors are also likely to find work here.

This is a predominantly white area—more than 52 percent of the residents are Caucasian, with Latinos and Hispanics coming in at a distant second, at 24 percent. The black population is just under 15 percent, and an even smaller number of residents identify themselves as Asian, Native American, or another ethnicity. Unsurprisingly, English is the most commonly spoken language, followed by Spanish.

According to Neighborhood Scout, this town is safer than 66 percent of American cities, with a low incidence of violent crime. Residents are more likely to become victims of property crime than a violent act, but even this statistic is significantly lower than the national median—about one-third.

Historic Landmarks

Texas has no shortage of historic buildings and attractions, and this corner of Denton County adheres to this theme. One local favorite is the Fort Worth Stockyards Historic District, which was once nicknamed “the Wall Street of the West” on account of the hot cattle trade that took place there. Today, it’s a visitor’s haven, complete with rodeo arena, saloons and steakhouses, a railroad tour, and much more.

Residents and visitors can also drive to Dallas to take a look at Clyde Barrow’s infamous gun at the Red County Courthouse, a museum designed to showcase every unique side of this storied American city. While there, get a taste of real Old West charm at the Pioneer Plaza. The flagship attraction at this scenic park is the collection of life-size longhorn statues, erected to appear as if the beasts could stampede at any minute.

For more information on these and many more visitor’s delights, visit the community’s Chamber of Commerce website.

Things to Do

As one might expect from its waterfront location, this town’s main draw is its impressive collection of beautiful parks, many of them with lake frontage. The Little Elm Park is the cream of the crop, featuring a beach with a designated “safe swim” area (no boats allowed), athletic fields, and a playground. Also, on Louisville Lake is Willow Crane Park, the ideal spot for hiking enthusiasts and anglers. Corinth Community Park is the place to gather for sporting events, with its numerous athletic fields and playscapes for the young ones. Residents could easily spend an entire season exploring all the recreational activities that this stunning shorefront location has to offer.

This charming and picturesque slice of Texas has plenty to delight visitors and residents alike. Contact us today for a comprehensive market analysis of your rental property.

Nestled into the northeast corner of Texas, McKinney is the 2nd largest community in Collin County and the 19th largest in the state. Both city and county are named for Texas Declaration of Independence signer, Collin McKinney. Located about 32 miles north of downtown Dallas, this medium-sized city is the county seat for Collin and a part of the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex. Don’t think that this means it has a big city feel. Lush green areas and hometown hospitality make the city feel like a small town. As of May 2017, it was the 3rd fastest-growing city in the U.S. with a population of approximately 180,000. With such recognition as being named 2014’s ‘Best Place to Live’ in America by Money Magazine coupled with a lower than average overall crime rate, it’s easy to see why this is such a popular city.

Like much of eastern Texas, the climate here is considered humid subtropical. It lies in the Sun Belt of the state’s blackland prairies leading to hot and humid summers with the warmest month falling in July. Winters are typically rainy and mild with an occasional snowstorm. The coldest month falls in January. Gulf Coast winds drive rain storms in the spring making it the wettest season.The city is overwhelmingly white-collar encompassing about 88% of the workforce. These include professional, management, sales and administrative support jobs. It is home to the Central Park Campus of Collin College and is itself one of the nation’s most well-educated cities. Almost half of the adult residents possess at least a bachelor’s degree. A town with exceptional academic standards, the city boasts a high-quality public school system and is a fantastic place for families with children to reside.

While there is a majority caucasian populace, the city is vastly diverse in terms of ethnicity. With a wide variety of racial and ethnic background, the citizens also include a large African American population followed by a substantial Hispanic population. The community is committed to expanding the great quality of life the city has to offer and works together to see that vision succeed.

In the past few years, the housing has grown considerably. This growth has been spurred by new residence of middle to upper class income levels coming to take advantage of the city’s strong local economy and job force. The median home value falls at $312,447 and the median rent is $1,849. The city offers something for everyone, from quaint apartments, to suitable starter homes to Victorian-era beauties.

The current town was established in the late 1800’s; however, the land itself has been settled since pioneer days. This long history has left the city with an abundance of historic landmarks. This includes the entire downtown district. This bustling section of the city offers a wide variety of shopping venues, restaurants, entertainment and other activities for residents to indulge in. The Chestnut Square Historic Village is another place of historical significance to the city. There visitors can take in living history demonstrations and tours at ten buildings built between 1854-1930. These buildings can also be rented out for parties or weddings. Chestnut Square is also home to the Killis Melton Ice Cream Crank-Off and the #1 Farmers Market in Texas.

McKinney has no shortage of fun-filled activities to keep residents busy. The Heard Natural Science Museum & Wildlife Sanctuary is a garden, nature reserve, and science museum all rolled into one with an abundance of hiking trails to get guests up close and personal with nature. The Towne Lake Recreation Area is a great place to spend a day outside. Amenities include a park, volleyball courts, horseshoe pits, fishing, paddle boats, biking, hiking and disc golf. For those who love the arts, there’s the McKinney Performing Arts Center. This multi-purpose building includes a theater that can seat up to 427 people. Performances include off-Broadway, concerts, comedy and theater productions. The Erwin Park Hike & Bike Trail boasts 7 miles of trials, picnic pavilions and campfire sites. For children, there’s Obstacle Warrior Kids. This exciting concept is based on NBC’s hit show, American Ninja Warrior. Here, little ones can maneuver their way through different obstacle indoor obstacle courses or participate in an exciting game of dodgeball. The good times don’t stop there. The city also offers movie theaters, spas, art galleries, bars, clubs, wineries and breweries and even hot air balloon rides!

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Situated thirty-two miles from Dallas, Prosper is an ideal area for people who love the small-town life that moves at a gentler pace. With a population just over 20,000, this town has a thriving real estate market, a booming community development, and convenient proximity to the Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport. The community is a choice location for people who work in or around the Dallas area but want to be out of the big city to raise families and enjoy a quieter locale.

Key Real Estate Details

Growing at a thirteen percent growth rate and being located an easy drive from two primary airports, Prosper’s land size is sprawling over twenty-seven square miles. The average single-family home value is $458,200. Having grown at a slow pace since it established as a quaint farm community in 1846, Prosper’s growth rate has doubled from the 2010 census to the 2018 census, inclining from 10,000 to 20,000 residents. With new homes being built featuring spacious designs, beautiful stone accents, and detailed landscaping, this small town is both scenic and sophisticated.

Whether an individual is looking for a million-dollar sprawling mansion or a two or three-bedroom starter home that is close to good schools and boasts tree-lined streets, this small Texas town may be the perfect location. Homes for sale in this fashionable southern city offer an array of amenities that range from pools, fenced-in yards, neighborhood clubhouses, and much more. Typical of the suburban style, the city provides an array of beautiful walking trails and community parks that are ideal for family outings and neighborhood gatherings.

Parks and Trails System

Twenty-two miles of walking, hiking, and biking trails go through and around the city as part of the community parks and recreation system. Eighteen local parks, tennis courts, and outdoor community activities provide an abundance of easy-going entertainment opportunities for families and individuals. The popular Boyer Park is a favorite for families with small children as it features a lighted fountain, children’s hand-printed tiles, and a cozy play area. Eagles Landing Park sees community members getting together for baseball, softball, and T-ball games, as well as to enjoy the scenic walking trails that surround this community favorite. Hays Park is a lush pocket park with wide open green spaces, making it the perfect spot for walking dogs, playing tag football, or going for a picnic.

Pecan Grove Park features a winding creek that families love to visit, as well as hiking and biking trails, picnic tables, and a pond. Prairie Park is also a beloved community space that features western-themed playground equipment and a fun loop hiking trail. For people who love to get outside during nicer weather, the park and recreation system in this Texas town is sure to check every box.

Community Events and Education

Small town tradition provides a festive spirit to this charming area that offers numerous yearly community events. From the Fishing Derby and the annual carnival to the annual Christmas celebration to the clean-up day, these activities bring families and businesses together and foster a warm, community-centered spirit.
The town features a city library that hosts a community reading program and a youth services librarian. The Early Learning Program hosted at the library offers a jump-start on education for families with small children. In addition to these benefits, the independent school district is complete with numerous elementary schools, middle schools, and a merged high school. The school district offers a comprehensive website where students, teachers, and parents can easily follow school calendars, nutrition information, learning opportunities, and extracurricular events.

Things to Do in Prosper, Texas

In and around the stylish city, there are multiple entertainment and outing options that extend beyond the parks and trails system. A unique video game museum, golf courses, Obstacle Warrior Kids, and the Frisco Soccer Complex are but just a few fun choices for outings. History is preserved through Downtown McKinney and the Museum of the American Railroad.

Adults will enjoy the numerous selections of dining, shopping, and posh bar and grills. From weekend live music to big box stores nearby, everything a person needs in within a few minutes’ drive from any nearby neighborhood. The town also has a yoga center, sports complex, workout gyms, a nearby Sci-Tech Discovery Center in Frisco, as well as escape room entertainment, sculpture gardens, close-by vineyards, and the Chestnut Square Historic Village, which is conveniently located in McKinney. Little Elm Park is easy to access and offers a beautiful lake that is ideal for picnics and strolling trails, while the Texas Tulip Farms and the Heard National Science Museum and Wildlife Sanctuary also provide interesting outdoor options.

There’s No Time Like the Present

If you’re considering purchasing a home in this area, don’t hesitate to contact us to ask about local real estate options. This town has grown at an inspiring rate in recent years due to its influential school district, safety, and serenity that gives residents peace of mind and thriving small business opportunities. Homes for sale in this area offer something for everyone, whether you’re searching for a ranch house, a single-family starter home, or a more spacious retreat with upscale amenities and design.

With a city name that harks back its rustic heritage to the land ownership rights of the Republic of Texas, the Colony is an enterprising city with vast room for property development. Nicknamed the ‘city by the lake’ for its picturesque views of Lewisville lake reflecting the dazzling city lights of Dallas at night, the city enjoys a quieter and homey suburban vibe from the bustling metropolis. Known for its spectacular nature and recreational activities, residents can explore outstanding sport facilities, fishing, hiking, cycling, water parks, aquatics, and golf. The city received reputable commendation from Sports Illustrated for being the number one sports town in Texas. Tied to upward city wealth trends, families reaped a median household income of $73,830 between 2012-2016 – 25 % higher than the U.S. national median of $55,322.

In 1973, urban visionaries Fox and Jacobs, purchased land in northern Texas owned by the Peters colony and modeled their ‘dream city’ on Dallas’s street layout patterns. Located in Denton county, the suburban town encompasses roughly 16 square miles in the ninth-most populated county in the state. With steady population growth, this family-friendly city attracts educated professionals to its affordable housing and rich landscape. For an average cost of over $2040 a month, a small family can rent an apartment with three bedrooms, two baths, and 2000 square feet.

U.S. census statistics from 2016 estimate the town’s population to be 42,408 with near 60% population growth from the year 2000 and a median home value of $248,525. The approximate median price of homes sold is just a bit higher at $253,300 while the median rental price is $1,790. Education is also a primal attribute for residents. 95% of adults hold a high school diploma with over 30% holding an accredited university degree or higher. The town’s employment distribution comprises of 87.5 % of white collar professions who work in administration, sales, and management.

Despite a primarily white Caucasian population, the city has some ethnic diversity. 20 % of residents identify themselves as having Hispanic origin, while 10 % belong to African-American and 5 % Asian descent.

Spreading out over 80 acres of land is the notable 5 star athletic complex, an impressive high-tech sports facility with 15 separate sports fields including baseball, softball, soccer, and football. The recreational complex caters not only to sport seekers, but also people looking to stay fit with some aerobic exercise. Mile-long hike and bike trails weave around the many child playground parks. Intuitively built to shield the heat, many public venues have pavilions and protective wrap-around porches for spectators and participants to stay cool in the shade.

The Colony hosts an attractive scenic location in a community-friendly town – ideal for outdoorsy nature-seekers and opportunist shoppers. Families can enjoy fishing and boating on the beautiful waters of Lewisville lake and hike along the deep forest-covered trails of Arbor Hills Nature Preserve. This 200-acre park provides convenient amenities for families – including 3 miles of paved and unpaved hiking as well as three miles of mountain biking, rest rooms, and a playground. For children, the town has built numerous parks, water slides, and playgrounds such as Hawaiian Falls and Stewart Creek Park. In the summer, families can have fun sliding down the Hawaiian water tubes and enjoy the year-round indoor swimming pool at The Colony Aquatic Park.

For golf enthusiasts, the town hosts several award-given courses with amazing views over Lewisville lake. Taking a step back to see the traditional classic architecture of golf history, the Old American Golf Club hosts a country farm-like course with old bridges, dusty lanes, and meadows. The Tribute Gold Links and Guest House is also a place for all skill levels and takes a Scottish twist to an elegant rolling-green course.

At night, live music venues also play frequently at Lava Cantina, a concert stadium with an eclectic taste in music from local to international artists. The high-tech venue space hosts over 28,000 square feet with VIP seat options, indoor and outdoor stage halls, and different levels. Families can also team up for a competitive game of laser tag at LaserTag DFW or swing for a prize at TopGolf.

Austin Ranch, an emerging construction plan, is a recent addition to bring 1700 acres of land near North Dallas Tollway under a modern community of chic apartments, condominiums, homes, and businesses. Adjacent to this promising building site is the Grand Scape – a 433 acre commercial center of retail stores, entertainment, hotels, and office spaces funded by Nebraska Furniture Mart. This mega store is a viable option for one day shoppers perusing a myriad supply of items ranging from electronics, carpeting, appliances and tools. With nearly 2 million square feet of ware house storage and sales space, the store allows for efficient shopping – thanks to its instant drive-through purchase, pick up, and delivery system. Spread out over 400 acres of land, this retail marvel has delivered an economic boom – creating more jobs and city revenue. Although still ongoing, these building projects are already attracting thousands of residents to thrive in their teeming plaza spaces and shopping markets.

Overall, moving to the Colony is becoming a popular choice for families looking to share a rich and diverse outdoor landscape with exciting attractions, affordable home prices, and convenient shopping opportunities.

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